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あ お ば と  の  世 界
a free bird soaring in the wind
I AM ~ 17 ~ ♀ ~ taurus ~ Austrian ~ 5'.4" tall ~ a crappy artist ~ photographer ~ weird.

{♥} the colour green, anime, art, music, games & japan

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That’s the last post on this blog for the next 3 weeks - I’ll be in Japan as you know :)
Here’s the link to my travel-blog:

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yep, and I’m really happy about it :DDD
And because a lot of people asked me to and because I want to share some of my expierences in japan, I decided to make a seperate blog.
That’s also why I won’t post anything on this blog in the next weeks, please understand ^^
There I will post something at least every 2-3 days (if I have internet there xD).
I’ll also upload some photography in the 3 weeks I’m gone and also afterwards ^^
So if you want to kinda follow me on my journey make sure to take a look at that blog. (there aren’t any entries just yet cause I’m flying tomorrow…)
Here’s the link: sutoroberii
so see ya, minna-san! (^_^)/~~

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Hey guys!
As you know, I’m going to Japan in one week and I thought about creating a new blog where I only post personal stuff, art and photography that’s made by me…
I would also write a daily post about what happened on that day in Japan.
So what do you think about that? ^^”

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Just got back from the hair-dresser.
Now my hair is back to neon-red, yeah \(^o^)/